Operating Instructions 

Model: CB-1008-BR 

Inspection and Maintenance

1. Remove ashes from previous use.

2. Inspect the flue pipe and clean if necessary.

3. Inspect the window and verify that it is free from cracks and breaks.

4. Inspect the door gasket and verify that it is properly secured and free of damage.

5. Clean the window.



6. Close the secondary air intake by pushing the control handle to its furthest rear position.

7. Open the primary air intake to its maximum setting by sliding the control handle to its furthest right position.

8. Place small timber, paper or cardboard and a log inside the stove and light the fire using a long neck lighter or matches.

9. After a few minutes, begin to open the secondary air intake.

10. When the stove has reached its optimal temperature, add larger pieces of wood and adjust the primary and secondary air intakes to get your desired heat output.

11. To extinguish the fire, simply close both the primary and secondary air intakes.


Tips and tricks

1. To clean the window, use commercially available stove window cleaner or simply dip a damp cloth in the ashes and rub on window. A scraper can also be used but this will reduce the lifespan of the window.

2. To keep the window clean during use, pull the embers towards the front of the stove and place the new burning material towards the rear of the combustion chamber.

3. To prevent excessive ember accumulation, allow embers to burn and reduce before adding more wood.

4. When starting the fire with pressed logs, cut small 1-inch slices until optimal temperature is reached.

5. Pressed logs expand as they burn. Avoid positioning them in a way that can put pressure on the window as they expand.

6. The gasket surrounding the door will become very brittle over time. Avoid touching it when operating or cleaning your wood stove.

7. In certain high wind conditions, a growling sound may be heard. This is normal and does not represent any danger. Adjust the primary air intake to reduce or eliminate the sound.


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