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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

CB-2014 Floor Mount (Cub)

CB-2014 Floor Mount (Cub)

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The floor mount is another easy and secure installation option. Our experts have found that it is ideal for mounting your stove in a tent or a space without walls to mount the stove to. This sleek and robust design performs as a brilliant space saver because it includes a small storage compartment for your wood! Make sure you have at least 20’’ clearance from combustibles - if not, don’t worry - check out the Floor Mount with rear heat shield.  



  • Ideal for mounting your Cub stove in a tent or a space without walls to mount the stove to.
  • Includes a small storage space for your wood 
  • The tool kit CB-3010 will be mounted to the sides of the floor mount when ordered together. 



  • The top of the stove will sit 20 1/8"(51.12cm) off the ground.
  • Height of the floor mount 11 7/8" (30.1cm)
  • Base plate 12"(30.1cm) wide and 11 3/4"(29.8cm) deep
  • Wood storage area 5 1/2"(13.9cm) wide X 6 5/16"(16cm) deep X 11"(27.94cm) tall



  • The floor mount does not reduce clearances in any direction.
  • The legs of the stove are not used when installing on the floor mount 
  • Wall mount and floor mount cannot be combined, the holes will not align. 
  • Can be bolted to the floor in order to prevent it from moving around. 
  • Floor does not need shielding for the heat if the stove, but protection can be installed for possible embers and ash.



  • Mild Steel
  • Brass plated coil handles

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