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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

CB-5028-SS Stainless Steel Cap

CB-5028-SS Stainless Steel Cap

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For Non-Certified Installs Only
This stainless steel cap is easy to install and is the final piece of your set up. The cap keeps watch for those occasional sparks and it prevents rain water from entering your flue. To remove it only takes a few minutes and requires 3 screws.
On the move? You can purchase our Flexible Rubber Pipe Plug to replace the cap when traveling. 



  • The cap is installed outside at the end of the flue pipe to prevent water from entering.



  • Rain cap 5 1/4" tall
  • 7 1/4" wide top plate
  • 5" wide base



  • When driving the cap should be removed and the pipe needs to be plugged using the flexible rubber pipe plug



  • Stainless steel

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