FAQs - Cubic Mini Wood Stoves, Canada


For Cub (CB-1008)
Mounting system options include the following:
Standard Wall Mount (CB-2012-SS)
Wall Mount with Sliding Tray (CB-2013-SS)
Wall Mount with Fresh Air Intake (CB-2017-SS)
Floor Mount (CB-2014)

For Grizzly (CB-1210)
Mounting system options include the following:
Standard Wall Mount (CB-4012-SS)
Wall Mount with Sliding Tray (CB-2213-SS)
Wall Mount with Fresh Air Intake (CB-2277-SS)
Floor Mount (CB-4010)

For Both
Flue Pipe: (CB-3024-SS)

You need to acquire the number of sections to achieve your total height to exit safely : 1 foot passed the highest point of the roof.
Each section has 22.5” of usable flue.

Flue Shield: Cub (CB-2015-30-SS) Grizzly (CB-2215-30-SS)
You would acquire the number of sections needed to cover the run not covered by the wall mount.
When installed on a wall, you need the flue flashing to run the entire length. The wall mount comes 37” of flue protection.

Side Shield Cub (CB-2016-SS) Grizzly (CB-2216-SS)

You need to order the right items to safely install the stove in your particular set up. Each install will have its own requirements.
Side Shield Cub will be required if installed within 20” of a surface laterally of the stove.

Items to exit the flue pipe which you can find here 
They are not. (Check your local law and regulations).
The best wood to burn is well seasoned hard woods.
This is to ensure you will achieve the best heat output along with the longest burn, you can also use pressed wood logs.
Coal works as well, but not as good as solid wood or pressed logs. We do not recommend pellets.
3465 Griffith Street in Ville St-Laurent, QC, Canada
The parts are precisely cut welded and assembled by hand. This is all constructed right here in our shop, made proudly in Canada!
Constructed from laser cut steel plate 1/8 to 3/16 thick!
The final price of your order is dependent on what products you choose to order, where you will have it shipped, and the applicable taxes.
To get an exact price we suggest you go to our website, add the products you would like to purchase to the cart and input your information.
You will then be given an exact price with taxes and shipping included -  with no obligation to buy.
Very easy!
For either the floor mount or wall mount, all that is needed is to make 4 holes to mount it to your desired location. The exit will be dependent on your roof type. You can see all items for the exit here
You can find detailed instructions on how to put our mounting options together here

All items are sold separately. The stove does come with the legs.
To be determined. We have not yet heard of a stove that has burnt out.
Yes. We use a high density fire board, which increases the efficiency by reflecting the heat back into the stove.
This allows it to radiate over a longer period of time.
* Older stoves (2013 to July 29 2018) *
The life span of the insulation will vary.
You should be able to have the insulation last for a year to a year and half depending on the usage of the stove.
It will last longer if the wood is not cut too large and by placing the wood, as opposed to throwing the wood inside, will also keep the insulation from deteriorating quickly.
Replacement kits are available on our site for each stove.
(CB- 9000 for Cub | CB - 8000 for Grizzly)
* New stoves ( from July 29 2018 onward) *
The insulation is a durable fire brick, which lasts much longer than the previous ceramic fiber board.
We have also made those available as a product. You can upgrade the insulation in your older stove, or simply replace it in the newer one when needed.
(CB- 9000 for Cub | CB - 8000 for Grizzly)
20” in all directions unless installed with one of our wall mounts.
If no shielding is present then you need to provide 20” clearance to combustibles as well.
You can expect a burn of 1 to 3 hours with residual embers burning for several hours after that.
However the burn time is dependent on many variables such as the wood you use, your flue system and the weather to name a few.
Of course! We have made many delicious meals on our stoves.
We strongly suggest not to cook with oil or grease as it could be a fire hazard.
Our Mini roaster is optimized to work only with the Grizzly.
The stove will draw air from the room. Most cases you can crack a window and that will be enough to replace the air flow.
For spaces that do not have a window, or do not want to have a window open, you can use our wall mount with fresh air intake.
This will bring air from outside to the area where the stove draws its air from.
The curing of the paint will require you to burn the stove at high heat for several hours and would only need to be done once. It can take 1-3 hours for the paint to stop smoking. It can then take 20-30 hours for the smell to stop being produced.
This can be done outdoors to prevent the space from being filled with smoke. You can bring the stove outdoors and attach 2-3 sections of pipe. Run it hot and this will evacuate the moisture out the paint.
Yes it can. Simply align the tabs under the top plate with the rectangular holes in the top plate and the rail will slide right out.
Yes they do, you can secure the stove to a surface using the holes in the legs. You will need to make sure that you shield the surface below adequately to prevent nearby surfaces from getting excessively hot.

Width: 11” Height: 12” Depth: 10.5”
5 ¾” long logs, and it can take up to three or four 2”x4” pieces.
Width: 13” Height: 15” Depth: 12”
200 -400 square feet.

PLEASE NOTE : The square footage mentioned are for spaces with low ceilings.
Example; if you have a space that is 180 square feet with high ceilings it’s best to go with the Grizzly to compensate for the extra space needed to be heated.
39 LBS or 17.7 KG
6 ¾” long logs and it can take up to four or five 2”x4” pieces

Open the primary air intake found on the front (open when pushed to the right). Keep the secondary air intake closed (found under the stove, closed when pushed forward).
Take some paper and place some in the firebox, take some kindling and place it on top of the paper. Light the paper and keep the door open for about five minutes.
Once it gets going you can introduce your hard wood, close the door and let it go for another 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes has elapsed you can then begin to open the secondary air intake activating the secondary combustion system. You can also dampen down the primary as desired.
Push the primary intake all the way to the left, and the secondary combustion slider all the way to the back.
You will need to close both air intakes on the stove and the fire will begin to die out right away, it will take some time for all embers to be fully extinguished.
The stove glass is a self-cleaning glass made for wood stoves. Once the stove reaches temperature, the glass begin to clear. To maintain a cleaner window, you can pull the coals forward, and then place the new wood towards the back.

The top of the flue pipe must surpass your roof line by one foot to ensure proper draft and safety.
We recommend a minimum of 40” of straight pipe. 
Our stoves take a 3" double wall flue pipe.
If exiting further than one foot outside, we recommend insulating the flue pipe exposed.
You will begin by taking the pipe having the flow arrow facing up. Take the second section of pipe and have the inner wall that is crimped and have the edge hit the inside edge of the pipe below.
Do this at an angle with the seams aligned.

As you push down and twist, bring the pipe up to vertical. You can then push down as far as it will go.

Place a block of wood on the floor and a block on top of the flue, and tap with a hammer until the pipe above  - comes onto the bump on the pipe bellow.

Do this for all sections until your flue pipe is complete then the entire length can be installed onto the stove.
Fix the pipes together wish a screw at each seam

You can see how to clean the pipe here 

We do not suggest to do so. This is for several reasons:
You will have two elbows creating turbulence slowing the draft.
The slower draft will create more creosote buildup.
You will have more of your flue pipe outside which will cool the pipe quicker and this will also reduce the draft, and create more creosote.
For these reasons we do not have elbows for our pipe, nor do we know any that will work with our pipe.
A straight run up and out the roof is the best practice for a properly functioning stove.
You can see all the items required to exit the pipe here
Instruction on how to do so is found here 

Yes it does, it comes with everything needed; the mounting bracket, screws, bushing, and washers.
Normally the air is replaced by opening a window slightly.
The wall mount with fresh air intake will bring air from outside to the area where the stove draws its air from and this would be used in spaces that do not have a window to open or in spaces where you did want to open a window. It will bring the replacement through a 2” flex hose you would connect to the manifold found under the wall mount.

The shipping cost varies depending on what you order and how far it needs to travel to reach your location. To get a shipping quote we suggest you add the products you would like to purchase, input your information and it will give you an exact price with taxes and shipping included. 
Once the order is placed it will take 10 -20 business days to ship.

After the order leaves our facility, depending on the shipping method selected, it will take 4 to 7 days to arrive for Canadian and U.S orders.
International orders will take 1 to 10 days to arrive once shipped.
Once it ships, it is up to the shipping company to ship it on time.
For Canadian orders, tax is collected at the time of purchase.
For U.S clients there is no tax.
For international clients, tax will be paid upon arrival of the item - if applicable.
In Canada it will be Canada post who does the delivery.
For U.S it would be USPS or DHL.
International orders, it will be USPS who will do the delivery and the final leg will be done by your countries equivalent 

If the items arrive damaged. Please take a photo and send it to us at cubicminiwoodstoves@gmail.com .
We will assess the best course of action.
For returns, please refer to our return policy.
If you need to exchange an item that you have already received in exchange for another (ex. wall mount to floor mount),
We would have you send the item back at your cost. We would charge for the balance if there is any difference of the price of the item being exchanged and the value of the new item as well as the cost to reship.
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