Q. (a) What is the size of the “Cub”? Height: 12” Width 11” Depth: 10.5”

(b) What is the size of the “Grizzly”?Height: 13 ½” Width: 13” Depth: 11 5/8”
Q. a) How much does the “Cub” weigh? 27 LBS or 12.25 KG

(b) How much does the “Grizzly” weigh? 34 LBS or 15.42 KG
Q. (a) How much square footage will the “Cub” heat? 100 -200 square feet.

(b) How much square footage will the “Grizzly” heat? 200 -400 square feet.

NOTE: The square footage mentioned are for spaces with low ceilings. Example; if you have a space that is 180 square feet with high ceilings it’s best to go with the Grizzly to compensate for the extra space needed to be heated.
Q. (a) How many BTU’s does the “Cub” produce? 6000 to 14000BTU’s

(b) How many BTU’s does the “Grizzly” produce? 8000 to 18000 BTU’s
Q. What are the stoves made of? Our stoves are constructed from laser cut steel plate 1/8” to 3/16” thick. Insulated with ceramic fiber board, brass plated accent pieces, and a transparent self cleaning glass window designed for high heat.
Q. How are they made? Raw materials are transformed into workable parts, other pieces are laser cut, then welded all together. The stoves are then hand painted and assembled and packaged. 100% made in Canada
Q. Where is the Cubic Mini Wood Stove facility located? 3465 Griffith Ave. in Ville St-Laurent, QC, Canada
Q. (a) What size logs fit into the “Cub”? 5 ¾” long logs, and it can take up to two or three 2”x4” pieces

(b) What size logs fit into the “Grizzly”? 6 ¾” long logs and it can take up to three or four 2”x4” pieces
Q. How long does a full load burn for? Depending on weather conditions type of wood, and how you set your stove and your ventilation system. We have had Customers experience a 1-3 hour burn with embers continuing to burn for 4-6 hours after that.
Q. What kind of fuel sources can be used? And what is the best wood to burn? The best wood to burn is hard, dry wood to achieve the best heat output and the longest burn. You can also use pressed wood logs and even charcoal works as well. You cannot use pellets what so ever.
Q. (a) How much clearance is needed between the stove to combustibles? 20” in all directions is required, unless installed with one of our wall mounts. Unless our side shields (CB-2016- SS (CUB) of CB-2216- SS (Grizzly)) are installed on adjacent surfaces which can reduce the clearance to 2 ½”.

(b) How Much Clearance is needed between the flue pipe to combustibles? When the stove is installed on a wall the flue pipe MUST have a metal flashing behind the flue pipe. The flue is set 3” off the wall giving enough space in order not to be dangerous given that the metal flashing is present. When using the floor mount typically it is installed away from the wall where clearance are not an issue, until the point where the pipe exits through the ceiling, where the proper fittings must be installed
Q. What is the diameter and length of the flue pipe? Our flue pipes are double wall made of stainless steel. The inside diameter of 2 7/8” and outside diameter of 3 1/8”. Each sections measures 24” in length and has 22 ½’ of usable flue pipe.
Q. Can I exit the flue pipe through a wall? We only suggest to exit out a roof. When you exit through a wall it requires two elbows. Due to the small diameter of our flue pipe, any bend in the flue pipe will create turbulence and possibly reduce the draft, restricting optimal performance of the stove. This is not to say it is impossible. If you must exit through a wall, you cannot use our flue pipe as we do not have elbows that work with our flue pipe. So you would need to source your flue pipes else where.
Q. What is the minimum flue length required? We recommend a minimum of two sections of straight pipe off the stove. When calculating the total length of the flue pipe consider the top of the flue pipe must surpass your roof line by one foot to ensure proper draft and safety. You could use less and it would work, but for best results use 2 sections if possible.
Q. What are the different installation options? You can install either of our stoves using our wall mount, or our floor mount, or a custom installation that respects the clearances.
Q. Is it easy to install a Cubic mini wood stove? It is, when using either our wall mount or floor mount. Both methods require 4 screws to fix it to the corresponding surface. When installing on a wall it is required to install our flue flashing (CB-2015- 30-SS (Cub) CB-2215- 30-SS (Grizzly)) on the wall behind the flue pipe the entire length of the flue.
Q. How long does it take to receive my Cubic once purchased? Refer to the lead time marked on our product page of each stove. That is the time it takes to prepare your order for shipping. Once it ships it should take 4-5 days  for our Canadian and American clients  to receive (this may vary slightly),  and our international clients could take 2 months or 10 days depending on which method of shipping they chose.
Q. Is it certified? No, recreational use only.
Q. What are your volume discounts like? For volume discounts please contact our sales department at 514 553 6682 or e-mail us at cubicminiwoodstoves@gmail.com and we would be glad to discuss this with you. 
Q. Could you customize my order? We try to accommodate our clients in any way we can, we have an option when you order to choose either brass or black trim. When you place your order we have a space to add notes to order and we will do our best to fulfill these customization. You can always e-mail us at cubicminiwoodstoves@gmail.com or call us at 514-553- 6682 to see if it is possible to accommodate your request before ordering.
Q. What do I need to order for a complete installation? For a complete installation you would need the stove, one of our installation methods ( wall mount or floor mount), flue pipe, flue flashing. You would also need a fitting to exit and a cap which we do not provide at this time.
Q. Does the wall mount come with the mounting bracket and all necessary hardware? It does, it comes with everything needed, the mounting bracket, screws, bushing, and washers.
Q. Is the stove insulated? It is, we use a high density fire board, which increases the efficiency.
Q. Can I use it to cook? You can, we have made many meals on our stoves. You cannot cook with oil or grease when cooking directly on top of the stove because it could be fire hazard. If using our Grizzly stove (CB-1210) we now have our Mini Roaster (CB-7200) which allows you to turn the top of your stove into an oven.
Q. How much will my order cost? The final price of your order is dependent on what products you choose, where you will have it shipped, and applicable taxes. To get an exact price we suggest you go to our store at http://cubicminiwoodstoves.com/collections/all , add the products you would like to purchase. Input your information and it will give you an exact price including applicable taxes and  shipping & handling with NO obligation to buy.
Q. How much does it cost for shipping? The shipping cost varies depending on what you order and how far it needs to travel to reach your location. To get a shipping quote we suggest you go to our store at http://cubicminiwoodstoves.com/collections/all add the products you would like to purchase, input your information and it will give you an exact price with applicable taxes and shipping included with NO obligation to buy.
Q. How can I track my shipment? Once your order has shipped we will send you tracking number by e-mail. For our Canadian clients you can track your order with Canada post. For our American clients you can track your order with Canada post until it crosses the boarder. Then you can track your order with USPS
Q. Should I worry about creosote buildup? A 3" flue pipe has a much higher ratio of  surface area to air moving through it than an 8" flue pipe does. This means it cools much quicker. This is why you must use a double wall flue pipe to maintain the flue gas temperatures to have the cleanest flue possible and the best draft.  By burning wood creosote is produced. It will want to stick to any cold surface. This is why the double wall flue pipe is so important. It keeps the inner pipe hot so the flue gases do not have a chance to cool down.
Q. Do I need to install a fresh air intake? Our stoves use very little air due to its size. The use of a fresh air intake is generally not required. However we are aware there are certain instances that it is necessary due to specific situations. We provide a part on our store that allows for a fresh air intake system.In most cases you can crack a window slightly and it would replace the oxygen consumed by the fire.
Q. Is a damper required? Dampers are not needed for the Cubic as you can control the flow of air on the stove itself. It can also restrict the draft.
Q. Can I install the Deck fitting on a sloped roofs? No, the Dickinson deck fitting is for flat roofs. For a pitched roof you must purchase an adjustable roof thimble to compensate for the pitch a storm collar to make it water proof and a cap to cap the end of the flue.
Q. Where can I find Dickinson fittings?You can find almost all products online on their respective websites. For Dickinson parts you might be able to find them at a local marine supply store.
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