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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

CB-5012-SS Stainless Steel Insulated Pipe, 12" Long

CB-5012-SS Stainless Steel Insulated Pipe, 12" Long

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For Non-Certified Installs Only


Pipe Calculation

 Does not come with 3" pipe. Sold separately. 

12" (30.48cm) Long 5" (12.7cm) stainless steel insulated pipe CB-5012-SS. Fits on both of our stoves. The Cub CB-1008 and the Grizzly CB-1210. Typically added to your 24" sections to achieve the height you require.



  • Used to insulate the flue pipe as it passes through the ceiling and roof and keep it from cooling. 
  • The 3" double wall flue pipe passes through this pipe and goes all the way to where the pipe needs to terminate. 



  • 12" (30.48cm) with 10.5" (26.6cm) of usable flue pipe 3/4" ( 1.90cm ) lost on the connection.
  • 5"(12.7cm) Outside pipe diameter



  • This pipe is designed to cover the distance from 2" ( 5.08 cm ) below the ceiling to the 1 foot ( 30.48 cm ) mark past the roof's highest point. It is insulated and made of stainless steel, and does not carry any flue gases. The 3" flue pipe carries the gases and runs through the 5" pipe.
  • A 1" air space between the pipe, ceiling and roof is necessary. When in a flat position, a 7" circular hole must be made. If angled, the hole must be an oval shape to ensure an even 1" air space around the pipe.
  • To properly cut the pipe to the desired length, it is recommended to use an angle grinder with a cutting disc.
  • A flue pipe brace is necessary when the exterior length exceeds 2 feet.
  • Does NOT come with  CB-3024-SS 3" ( 7.62 cm ) double wall pipe. 



  • 1" Thick Ceramic Wool Blanket Insulation.
  • Stainless steel construction.

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Really helped extend out the roof.