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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

CB-3024-SS 3" Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe, 24" Long

CB-3024-SS 3" Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe, 24" Long

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Pipe Calculation

24" (60.96cm) Long Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe CB-3024-SS. Fits on both of our stoves. The Cub CB-1008 and the Grizzly CB-1210.



  • The 3" flue pipe evacuates the gas and generates the draft that allows the stove to work.
  • The double-wall construction provides the best draft for optimal stove performance.
  • The inside pipe goes inside the flue collar on the stove, the outer pipe goes outside the flue collar. The pipes connect as they should (male end facing down) so there is no creosote that will leak out.



  • 24” ( 60.96 cm ) long with 22 1/2" (57.15 cm) of usable flue pipe 1.5" (3.81cm) lost on the connection
  • 3 1/4"(8.25 cm) outside pipe diameter
  • 2 7/8" (7.30 cm) inner pipe diameter

1 Section

 provides 22.5" ( 57.15 cm ) of usable flue pipe  /  1.8 ( 54.86 cm ) Feet

2 Sections

 provides 46.25" ( 107.31 cm ) of usable flue pipe  /  3.875 ( 118.11 cm ) Feet

3 Sections

 provides 69" ( 175.26 cm ) of usable flue pipe  /  5.75 ( 175.26 cm ) Feet

4 Sections

 provides 91.5" ( 232.41 cm ) of usable flue pipe  /  7.62 ( 232.25 cm ) feet

5 Sections

 provides 114" ( 289.56 cm ) of usable flue pipe  /  9.5 ( 289.56 cm ) feet



Non Certified:

  • You will need enough 3" ( 7.62 cm ) double wall flue pipe to go from where the top of the stove will be to one foot past the highest point of the roof.
  • We suggest to exit straight up and out the roof.  For that reason, we do not have elbows for our flue pipes.  We also offer exit kits that allow you to exit the pipe out the roof safely and in a water tight fashion. The pipes, exit kits and other flue system products can be found here.


  • For proper installation, ensure you have sufficient 3" (7.62 cm) double wall flue pipe to connect the stove to the 6" (15.24cm) double wall flue system starting just before the ceiling. Our connector cone CB-3060 facilitates the connection between the pipe and the 6" (15.24cm) system.
  • Connect our 3" (7.62 cm) double wall flue pipe to a chimney system certified to UL103 HT (U.S.A) or ULC-S629 (Canada).


  • Flue shielding must be present the entire run of the pipe when closer than 9”. The wall mounts offer 37” of flue protection and the extensions can be added to cover the rest of the run that is not covered by what comes with the wall mount. See (CB-2015 / CB-2215).
  • Fix pipes together permanently with self-tapping screws at each joint.
  • Pellet stove pipe should never be used on our stoves.
  • To properly cut the pipe to the desired length, it is recommended to use an angle grinder with a cutting disc.
  • Regularly cleaning your flue pipes is essential for maintaining safety and preventing chimney fires. For best results, use a 3" brush. This convenient brush kit comes with a 5' length handle and the option to purchase additional 5' handle  extensions. It is recommended to check your pipes weekly to establish a thorough cleaning schedule.



  • Made from stainless steel inside and out.

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