CB-3024-SS 3" Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe, 24" section

$64.62 $83.75

24" stainless steel double wall flue pipe fits on both of our stoves. The Cub CB-1008 and The Grizzly CB-1210

Made from stainless steel inside and out. The double wall construction provides the best draft for optimal stove performance and the least amount of creosote build up over the longest time possible.

22 1/2 " of usable flue pipe per section (1.5" lost when connecting, 2 sections gives 45" of flue pipe)


1 Section - provides 22.5" of usable flue pipe  /  1.8 Feet

2 Sections - provides 46.25" of usable flue pipe  /  3.85 Feet

3 Sections - provides 69" of usable flue pipe  /  5.75 Feet

4 Sections - provides 91.5" of usable flue pipe  /  7.62 feet

5 Sections - provides 114" of usable flue pipe  /  9.5 feet


The inside pipe goes inside the flue collar on the stove, the outer pipe goes outside the flue collar. The pipes connect as they should so there is no creosote that will leak out.


Outside diameter is 3 1/4"

The inner pipe's diameter is 2 7/8"

Our flue pipe require a 3" clearance to combustibles with flue flashing the entire length.

Our wall mounts comes with adjustable flue shields. ( 37" of flue flashing when fully extended) If more flue shields are required, we offer 30" length of flue shield extensions (CB-2015-30-SS or CB-2215-30-SS). This must be installed behind the entire length of flue when installing on or near a wall.

We suggest to exit straight up and out the roof. For that reason, we do not have elbows for our flue pipes. We also do not provide caps, fittings or flashing's to exit and these items would have to be sourced elsewhere.


Fix pipes together permanently with self tapping screws at each joint.


Pellet stove pipe should never be used on our stoves.

Here is a video of how the cleaning of the pipe can be done

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