CB-5012-SS 12" Long 5" stainless steel insulated pipe.

$46.42 $52.00

12" Long 5" stainless steel insulated pipe. CB-5024-SS. Used to pass through the ceiling, and keep the double wall from cooling. 

You need as many sections required to go from 2" below the ceiling to the 1 foot mark passed the highest point of the roof. This pipe does not carry any flue gases.

The 3" double wall flue pipe passes through this pipe and goes all the way to where the pipe needs to terminate. 

Ceramic Wool Blanket Insulation

Stainless steel construction.

Does NOT come with  CB-3024-SS 3" double wall pipe 

24” long with 23.25" of usable flue pipe (3/4" lost on the connection)

Complete installation Instructions 

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