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*** All Wall mounts and Floor mounts with Rear heat shield reduce clearance to the wall it is mounted to and saves square footage. ***

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You will need the following parts for proper insulation:


You can select accessories as per your needs!

CB-3010 Miniature Tool Kit

This tool kit helps you clean the fire box and manipulate the wood.

CB-800CAXBX EcoFan

Moves the hot air around the space. Great for larger or longer spaces like a school bus.

CB-8253 3" Brush Kit

Cleans the flue pipe free of creosote.

CB-25P-5 Brush Handle 5' Rod Section

Gets attached to the handle that comes with the brush kit to clean pipe lengths longer than 5 feet.

CB-7200 Mini Roaster

Cook on top of the Grizzly stove like an oven.

CB-7500-WT Cubic Mini Wood Stoves Stainless Steel Camping Mug

Stainless Steel Camping Mug.

CB-3300 Onelight Fire Starter (Pack of 20)

Practical Kindling

CB-406F30 Flexible Rubber Pipe Plug

Plug the pipe when not in use or driving

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