Operating Manual for Cubic "Cub" CB-1008 and "Grizzly" CB-1210-BR



  • Never operate your stove without carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Never open a window, hatch or door downwind of the stove
  • Never use liquid fuel or any other material containing fuel to start the fire
  • Do not operate your stove when the stove door is open
  • Never leave your stove unattended when in use.
  • Inspect and clean your flue pipe regularly. (weekly, until you determine your own cleaning schedule.)
  • Keep fuel lamps, fuel containers, aerosol cans and any other combustibles at least 6 feet away from the stove
  • Never use oil when cooking on the top of the stove
  • Do not touch the surface of the stove when in use
  • Never leave children and pets unattended when stove is in use
  • Never use your stove in very rough seas
  • Do not dry wet clothes directly on the stove
  • Your appliance requires periodic maintenance and cleaning. Failure to maintain your appliance may lead to smoke spillage in your boat, cabin, or RV
  • Never clean stove when your stove is hot
  • Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high surface temperature and should stay away to avoid burns or clothing ignition
  • Due to high temperatures, the appliance should be located out of traffic and away from furniture and draperies
  • Even after the appliance is out, the stove and the glass will remain hot for an extended period of time
  • Under no circumstances should this appliance be modified
  • Do not operate the appliance with the glass door removed, cracked or broken
  • Do not strike or slam shut the appliance glass door
  • Always allow a small amount of air to enter cabin, open a window, hatch or vent up wind from the stove to replace air consumed by the stove
  • Nontoxic smoke will be emitted during the first hour of operation as the paint is curing. Open windows or hatches as required to vent cabin. Or you can cure the paint outdoors by attaching a couple sections of stove pipe to the stove and lighting it outside. To eliminate the odor can take up to 20 – 30 hours of burn time.
  • Never operate the stove without the baffles being installed correctly.


Operating Instructions 

Model: CB-1008-BR 

Inspection and Maintenance

1. Remove ashes from previous use

2. Inspect the flu pipe and clean if necessary

3. Inspect the window and verify that it is free from cracks and breaks

4. Inspect the door gasket and verify that it is properly secured and free of damage

5. Clean the window



6. Close the secondary air intake by pushing the control handle to its furthest rear position

7. Open the primary air intake to its maximum setting by sliding the control handle to its furthest right position

8. Place small timber, paper or cardboard and a log inside the stove and light the fire using a long neck lighter or matches

9. After a few minutes begin to open the secondary control

10. When the stove has reaches its optimum temperature, add larger pieces of wood and adjust the primary and secondary controls to the desired heat output

11. To extinguish the fire, simply close both the primary and secondary air intakes


Tips and tricks

1. To clean the window, use commercially available stove window cleaner or simply dip a damp cloth in the ashes and rub on window. A scraper can also be used but this will reduce the lifespan of the window.

2. To keep the window clean during use, pull the embers towards the front of the stove and place the new burning material towards the rear of the combustion chamber

3. To prevent excessive amber accumulation, allow embers to burn and reduce before adding more wood

4. When starting the fire with pressed logs, cut small 1 inch slices until optimum temperature is reached

5. Pressed logs expand as they burn. Avoid positioning them in a way that can put pressure on the window as they expand

6. The gasket surrounding the door will become very brittle over time. Avoid touching it when operating or cleaning your wood stove

7. In certain high wind conditions, a growling sound may be heard. This is normal and does not represent any danger. Adjust the primary air intake to reduce or eliminate the sound


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