choosing which stove is right for you





When choosing which stove you will require we must take into account;



  • The square footage
  • The season of use (winter/spring and fall)
  • The ceiling height
  • How well or not the space is insulated



Square footage

  • The Cub is designed for spaces up to 100-200 sq ft.
  • The Grizzly is designed to heat up to 200-400 sq ft.




  • The Grizzly is more of our winter model
  • The Cub is best suited for spring and fall



Ceiling height

  • The higher the ceilings the more volume you have to heat, which will play a role in which stove should be selected.




  • Heat retention is another important factor. Spaces that are very well insulated will keep the heat much better than a place that is poorly insulated. Windows can also play a role in how much heat is lost. Vans for example which are not terribly well sealed can lose heat through the cracks of the doors and window. And a school bus would have a similar issue due to the amount of windows they normally have.



The Grizzly stove is the stove suited for most applications, unless used in spring and fall only, with a space that is very well insulated and has low ceilings.