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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

CB-2277-SS Stainless Steel Wall Mount with Fresh Air Intake (Grizzly)

CB-2277-SS Stainless Steel Wall Mount with Fresh Air Intake (Grizzly)

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Your stove consumes the air in your space, which is why you need to keep a window open while it is operating. With this wall mount, you do not have to open a window. This clever design replaces the oxygen used by the stove so that you can keep your windows firmly shut on those chilly evenings. 

Does not come with 2" Flex hose!



  • CB-2017-SS Stainless Steel Wall Mount With Fresh Air Intake for the Grizzly stove CB-1210
  • Reduces clearances from the stove to the surface the wall mount is mounted to, saving square footage.



  • 4 3/16"(10.64cm) from wall to center of flue collar
  • 16 5/8"(42.2cm) wide
  • 51 7/8"(131.7cm) tall when flue shield is fully extended
  • 39 3/8"(100cm) tall when flue shield is completely reduced



  • You must provide a 20" clearance from a surface left or right of the stove unless a Side Shield CB-2216-SS is used.
  • Can be installed with a 1" air gap between the bottom plate and a surface below. 
  • We have two other mounting options, CB-4012-SS with standard mount and CB-2213-SS with sliding tray.
  • Comes with 37" of flue shielding. The flue shield must run behind the pipe the entire way up the wall. If you have more than 37" of flue pipe inside, you will need enough flue shield extensions CB-2215-SS-30 to cover the rest of the way.
  • Comes with side guards to prevent heat from spilling onto the surface it is mounted to.
  • The fresh air intake manifold located at the bottom tray, allows fresh air to be drawn through a wall or a floor using a 2 inch flex hose (not included) and brought to the area where the stove draws its air from.



  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel mounting bracket
  • 4 x 1" bushings and hardware
  • Mild Steel manifold (located at the bottom tray)

Not Included:

  • 2" internal diameter flex hose
  • Hose clamp
  • Exterior fitting
  • Silicon (to seal fitting outside of structure)

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