What does an install require?

What does an install require?

When you decide to get a stove, the first thing that needs to be done is to determine what is required for the build, which can be overwhelming. With the multiple factors that impact the items and parts required for the install, it is not always easy to provide an answer that fits all scenarios. This article will go through the ins and outs, and the things that need to be considered to get the stove installed safely and functional.



We offer 2 stove models. The Cub which is the smaller and the Grizzly is the larger. To make the decision about which stove is best suited for your situation, you would need to take a few things into consideration. Which are; Square footage, ceiling height, the season that the stove will be used in, and if the space is well insulated or not.

Square footage

Generally the Cub is best for spaces under 200 square feet. And the Grizzly is used for spaces that are larger than 200 square feet. This is considering that the ceiling is low. If you have less than 200 square feet but the ceiling are higher than 7 or 8 feet, it may be good to upgrade to a Grizzly to compensate for the extra volume due to the higher ceilings.


Once the square footage and ceiling height is addressed, we would need to take the season that the stove will be used in, into account. If it will only be used in Spring and Fall then the Cub can be used, aslong as it falls in line with the square footage and ceiling heights for the Cub. If used in Winter you may want to go to with the Grizzly.

Insulation of the space

Generally if the space is not insulated then the space will not able to to retain the heat. This may be a good reason to upgrade to the Grizzly as well.


Now that the stove has been selected. We then need to move to how the stove will be installed. We offer 3 wall mounts and 2 floor mounts. You can use one of those options. Or you can build your own safe setup. The mounting options are available for both stoves.

Wall mounts

All our wall mounts will mount the stove to a wall safely. By reducing the clearances from the stove to the wall.** When wall mounting the stove you can install it at your desired height. We suggest installing it lower than higher. Heat rises, so the higher it is installed the less it will heat below the stove.Ideally you want to install the stove near the lower third of the space to be the most efficient. **

Standard wall mount

CUB/GRIZZLY Our standard wall mount only reduces the clearances and does not have any other function.


Wall mount with sliding tray

CUB/GRIZZLY The wall mount with sliding tray reduces the clearances like the standard wall mount does, but has an added function. There is a sliding tray that can be pulled out when refilling the stove or cleaning the stove to catch any embers or ash that may fall on the floor.

Wall mount with fresh air intake

CUB/GRIZZLY. The wall mount with fresh air intake reduces the clearances to the wall it is mounted to, and has an added function to replace the air without the need to open a window. When the stove is in use the air used by the stove must be replaced. This is normally done by opening a window. This wall mount would allow you to replace the air without opening a window. You will make a hole in the floor or the wall and bring a flex hose from the hole to the manifold under the wall mount to create a pathway for the air to come in from outside and be brought to the area where the stove pulls its air from.

Floor mount

CUB/GRIZZLY Our standard floor mount is available for both stoves. The floor mount will secure the stove to the floor. This model has no clearance reduction. So it would need to be placed 20” from any combustible surface.

Floor mount with rear heat shield

CUB/GRIZZLY This floor mount has a shield behind the stove that reduces the clearances needed to combustibles. This would allow you to cut the clearance down from 20” and reduce it down to 3”. When installing the stove closer to the wall with the floor mount, you need to make sure that the pipe is at least 9” from the wall or more. And if it is closer, then the flue shield will need to be used the entire run up the wall.

** The floor mounts will have the top of the stove at 20” from the floor using the Cub and 24” off the ground for the Grizzly **



Aside from the shielding from behind the stove, you may require additional shielding like our side shields and or flue shield extensions. .

Side Shields

CUB/GRIZZLY Side shields are used when you have a surface left or right of the stove within 20”. For example if installed within 20” of a side wall/corner. Then the side shield is installed onto that wall to reduce the clearances laterally.


Flue shield Extensions

CUB/GRIZZLY When the pipe is closer to a combustible than 9” then the pipe needs to be shielded the entire way up the wall. The wall mounts come with 37” of flue shielding. And you can acquire flue shield extensions to cover the run that is not covered by the 37” provided by the wall mounts. The floor mounts do not come with any flue shielding.



The flue system comprises 3 main parts. The 3” double wall flue pipe, the 5” insulated pipe, and the exit kit that comes with 24” of insulated pipe.

3” double wall flue pipe

The 3” double wall flue pipe does a couple things. It takes the smoke from the stove and carries it outside. It also allows the stove to work due to the draft generated by the upward pull of the hot air. This pipe begins at the top of the stove and terminates one foot above the highest point of the roof.

5” insulated pipe

The 5" insulated pipe also does a couple of things. It first reduces the surface temperature of the stove pipe. And it also prevents the flue gasses from cooling. By keeping the flue gasses hot it provides a better draft and it helps reduce the amount of creosote build up. The 5” insulated pipe gets installed from 2” below the ceiling and terminates 1.5” below where the 3” pipe terminates.

Exit kits

Metal/Shingled The exit kit allows the pipe to exit out the roof in a safe and waterproof way. The exit kit comes with the following items: Rain cap, insulated pipe, boot, L brackets, trim plate and the 3”-5” adapter. The 5” insulated pipe that comes with the exit kit can come in a 24” section or 2 sections of 12” long pipes. The two sections of 12” long pipes are used to have a lower profile when driving. And with the removable portion on the exterior, you can cap and plug the pipe with our pipe plug.

Rain Cap

The rain cap keep water from entering the pipe.


The boot covers the penetration of the pipe keeping water from entering the space. ** We do not have this offered separately. It is only offered with the exit kits. And this is because it cannot be used on the 3” flue pipe, and only installed on the 5” pipe. **

Support brackets

The Support brackets keep the 5” insulated pipe center in the hole and holds it in place.

Trim plate

The trim plate covers the gap between the 5” insulated pipe and the 7” visible from the inside.

3”- 5” adapter

The 3”- 5” adapter covers the gap between the 3” pipe and the 5” pipe visible from the inside

Pipe Plug

The pipe plug is typically used to plug the pipe when driving.

And now all that is left is to select any accessories that you may want. Such as;


The Ecofan is a thermal electrically powered fan that moves the heat horizontally. Which improves heat distribution and increases the stove's efficiency at heating the space.

Tool kit

The tool kit allows you to manipulate the wood and remove ashes with he shovel. Can be mounted to the wall or the sides of the floor mount when purchased together.

Mini Roaster

The mini roaster only works with the Grizzly stove. Turns the top of the stove into an oven where you can cook, bake or braise. Can make things such as cookies, muffins, cakes, potatoes, stews and more.

Water heater

The water heater hangs off the side of the stove. It holds about 3 liters of water and will bring water to a boil in about half an hour. There is a spigot which gives you access to hot boiling water when needed.

Fire starters

These fire starters make it very easy to start your fire. And are also great for survival situations.


Enamel coated stainless steel camping mugs. Ideal for making your morning coffee by the fire.

Brush kit

This brush kit allows you to brush the pipe free of creosote.

I hope this has offered some insight into how you can visualize your setup. We have several tools on our site like the “build your order tool” or the “pipe calculation page”. We also have an extensive FAQ section.

If you have any questions you can give us a call or send us an email and we would be glad to assist.

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