CB-1008 CUB Cubic Mini Wood Stove - Cubic Mini Wood Stoves, Canada

CB-1008 CUB Cubic Mini Wood Stove

$449.00 $599.99

This is more of our Spring and Fall model, or for spaces that are very small (less than 200 square feet) with low ceilings. If your space is under 200 square feet but your ceilings are tall, then the Grizzly Stove CB-1210 may be the better option for you.

  • Easy to install and easy to operate!
  • Measures only 11 x 12 x 10.5!
  • Eco-friendly
  • Produces very little smoke due to its secondary combustion system!
  • Much safer than a diesel or propane cook stove!
  • Removes humidity from the cabin
  • Rail is easily removable, if you remove the rail, you have a cooking area of 5" from the flue to the edge of the plate and 11" side to side.
  • Requires a clearance of 20" in all directions without shielding.
  • Clearances reduced to 3" when using proper mounting and shielding.
  • Accepts wood about 5 3/4" long. It could be cut slightly longer. However 5 3/4" allows for good airflow around the sides and it does not damage the insulation on the insid.

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