Cubic Minis & Skoolies

Cubic Minis & Skoolies

Tiny homes call for tiny accessories and our little wood stove does not disappoint.

Written by Not a Regular Skoolie 

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves have become well known among the Skoolie community and it's no wonder why. The quality and look of their miniature wood stoves is unbelievable. Not to mention its charmingly small size does not effect its performance at all. We often find ourselves opening a window on even the coldest of days with a fire going in our Skoolie.


Providing heat, hot water and a cooking surface, we couldn’t ask for anything more. Living in a Skoolie often means your power is solar and winter means cold weather and less power from the shorter days. Our Cubic Mini has saved us with both these problems by keeping us more than warm and cutting all the power usage of cooking and water heating.


The available accessories to these wood stoves are something else to obsess over all on their own. After all, a tiny home and its tiny wood stove needs its tiny tools and accessories to bring it all together.

Not being of standard size means that most tools on the market won’t fit these little stoves. With their fire poker, ash shovel, chimney brush and more that are all of perfect fit and size, the team behind the stove have it well covered.

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Heating aside, cooking is enough reason to make this stove great. The versatility of the small cooktop along side the roaster accessory is enough to replace an oven with stove top. The excitement only gets better as our friends from Cubic Mini Wood Stoves have told us that more tiny cookware is in the works to help us get even more out of our Cubic Minis.


Offering a sustainable heating and cooking option, Cubic Minis really are a perfect fit for Skoolies.

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