Top 5 Advantages of Having a Mini Wood Stove in your Tiny Space.

Top 5 Advantages of Having a Mini Wood Stove in your Tiny Space.


A wood stove is a great heating solution, but what other benefits may it bring you? Small areas have very little space that can be allocated for a stove and if the stove is too large, it can cook you out the space. Our mini wood stoves, on the other hand, will heat the space properly for its size and offer other benefits as well.



  1. As mentioned above, the space in small areas is limited. All wood stoves require clearances to combustibles for them to be safe, which can use up precious square footage. With our wall mounts and shielding, the space that is required can be reduced considerably, saving the little square footage you do have.


  1. The other major advantage of having a wood stove is that it removes the humidity in the space, making it much more comfortable. Many of our clients notice that the condensation on their windows disappears once they use one of our stoves. This is especially great in those wet and damp months of the year.


  1. Not only can you heat, but you can cook on our wood stoves as well. You can cook on both models and remove the top railing for a larger cooking surface. Our Grizzly stove also has a mini roaster that you can place on top of it, turning the stove into a little oven/roaster. 


  1. Another advantage is the secondary combustion system that both our stoves have. It will reignite the smoke produced by the burning wood. This generates heat with the potential energy otherwise lost up the flue, and reduces the smoke coming out the pipe. It will also allow for slightly longer burn times and getting the most out of your wood.


  1. Last but not least is safety. When installed correctly and proper precautions are taken, wood stoves are much safer than propane or diesel. With a wood stove, you do not have any tanks containing the gas, and there are no gas lines needed either. This eliminates the possibility of a potential leak, which is especially dangerous in small spaces.


With a mini wood stove you will save square footage, it will remove the humidity, you can use it to cook, it will burn cleaner and burn for longer due to the secondary combustion system, and it is safer than propane or diesel. I hope this blog post has been informative. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to and we will be more than happy to help with whatever we can.

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