Due to the nature of a wood stove, overtime the stove can show signs of wear and tear. From wood being thrown in, intense heat/cooling cycles and extreme environments. This program is to bring life back to your stove, or upgrade the paint to our new colors. If it's something small or major, we can have the stove sent to our facility where we will bring it down to bare metal, fix everything that needs fixing and repaint the stove. 


We now offer our stoves in Green and Blue. These paints are a high quality paint made by CERAKOTE. If you would like, we can repaint your stove in one of those colors for a cost of 149.00$ CAD 



Step1. Take a photo of your stove and send it to us by email. Include a brief description of what needs to be done.
Step 2. We will give you an initial quote
Step 3. Ship your stove to us. If in Canada, we can help reduce the shipping cost by creating a return label. The charge for the reduced shipping will be on the final invoice. 
Step 4. When we get the strove we will evaluate it and come back with the final quote/invoice. 
Step 5. Once paid, we will commence the work and reship your stove to you. 



The final cost will comprise; The shipping cost to us, the work on the stove, the cost to upgrade the paint if you decide to have it painted in blue or green.



If interested, contact us at cubicminiwoodstoves@gmail.com and get the conversation started about extending the life or upgrading the paint of your stove.