A Warm

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves manufactures miniature stoves from our shop in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. They are portable, fuel-efficient, and well-constructed. It is the ideal heater for sailing, hiking, camping, and many other uses.

Meet our owner

Hello, my name is Alex Tzabanakis and I am the inventor of The Cubic Mini Wood Stove, a heater inspired by my own personal sailing experience. Spending the day on the lake was great but when the sun set, it was a whole different story; the cold and humidity would settle in, making it very unpleasant for both my guests and myself. Often times we would wake up tired from a lack of sleep with swollen eyes caused by this damp environment and I knew it was time for a change!

Locally constructed

With my stove, necessity truly was the "mother of invention." Having my own fabrication company here in Montreal, Canada, helped me in deciding to dedicate my engineering and manufacturing experience and resources to solve my problem. The Cubic Mini Wood Stove was then born, solving my previous cold and humidity issues while bringing a form of coziness that words cannot describe. Soon after, I began receiving requests from friends and neighbors who quickly recognized the value of this little jewel. Some installed it on their boats while others found great use for it in their RV's, sheds, and cabins — one customer installed it in his tractor trailer to keep him warm at night! In late 2013, I decided to share this stove's winning results by making it available to everyone through our new online store.