CB-2213-SS Stainless Steel Wall Mount With Sliding Tray

$288.75 $411.75

Stainless Steel Wall Mount With Sliding Tray for Grizzly stove CB-1210


This elegant mounting option facilitates the installation and protects your wall against the heat produced by the stove.

The Sliding tray prevents ash and embers from falling on the floor, provides a convenient shelf when refilling fire box, and can be used to rest pots and pans when cooking on the stove.

Side guards are removable

Comes with mounting bracket CB-3015

Offers a maximum of 37" of flue protection when fully extended. If you require more protection you can add sections of our flue shield extension,  CB-2215-30-SS to acquire the total protection needed. Flue flashing is required the entire length of your setup.

If you wish to install the wall mount above a surface like a counter, it requires an air gap of 1". Once mounted to the wall it would "float" off the surface with a 1" air gap underneath providing the adequate protection from the heat given off under the stove.


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