CB-6000-MR Metal Roof Exit Kit - Cubic Mini Wood Stoves, Canada

CB-6000-MR Metal roof exit kit

$275.96 $328.59

Not limited to metal! Ideal for applications such as van’s, skoolie’s, RV’s, tiny homes etc.

This kit is made to accommodate roofs such as corrugated and ribbed metal. It can accommodate a pitch of up to 45 degrees.


1 x 5” Insulated pipe 24” long

1x 5” ceiling trim plate

1x support brackets (2)

1x Metal roof flashing (DFE104B) Dektite Premium #4

1 x Stainless steel rain cap

1x 3" - 5" Adapter

Hardware needed to fix our items together.

Not Included: Hardware needed to fix items to your structure (Trim plate to ceiling, boot and support brackets to the roof).

Things to consider to complete your set up:

  • The 3” pipe does not come with this kit.
  • The 3” pipe goes through the 5” insulated pipe (like a sleeve). It does not stop where the 5” pipe begins.
  • The 5” insulated pipe starts 2” below your ceiling and goes 1’ above the highest point of the roof. If you need more than 24” of insulated pipe you would need to acquire extra sections.
  • The 3” pipe goes from the top of the stove to the same 1' mark above the highest point of the roof where the 5” pipe terminates.


Flashing installation video 

Complete kit Installation instructions. 

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