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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves

CB-1210 GRIZZLY Cubic Mini Wood Stove

CB-1210 GRIZZLY Cubic Mini Wood Stove

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The Grizzly Wood Stove was created with small spaces in mind; it removes the humidity, warms the bones and dries the toes. The Grizzly creates a charming focal point for your build… a tiny home on wheels or even a boat - any space can be filled with this stove's dry heat. Relax, sit back and let the glow fill your place with some much desired warmth, whilst you share your stories from the day. Looking to heat somewhere with low ceilings in the Spring or Fall? Check out our Cub



  • Easy to install and easy to operate!
  • Eco-friendly
  • Produces very little smoke due to its secondary combustion system!
  • Much safer than a diesel or propane cook stove!
  • Removes humidity from the cabin.
  • The rail is easily removable.



  • Measures only 13" (Wide) x 15" (High) x 12" (Depth) ( 33.02 cm x 38.1 cm x 30.48 cm ).See Diagram Below
  • If you remove the rail you have a cooking area of 6 1/2" ( 16.51 cm ) from the flue to the edge of the plate and 13" ( 33.02 cm ) side to side. 



  • Well seasoned hardwood and pressed logs are the best fuels to burn.
  • Ideally the wood should be cut to 6 3/4" ( 17.14 cm ) long.  It could be cut slightly longer. However 6 3/4" ( 17.14 cm ) allows for good airflow around the sides and it does not damage the insulation on the inside.



  • 8000 - 18000 BTU
  • 2.3 - 5.2 KWh



  • Requires a horizontal clearance of 20" ( 50.8 cm ) in all directions without shielding and a vertical clearance of 30" ( 76.2 cm ).
  • Clearances reduced to 3" ( 7.62 cm ) when using proper mounting and shielding.
  • The stove needs a complete flue system comprising of 3"(7.62 cm) flue pipe, 5"(12.7 cm) insulated pipe and exit kit NOT INCLUDED



  • 3/16" laser cut steel top plate.
  • 1/8" laser cut steel body.
  • 1/2" thick vermiculate firebrick insulation.
  • 3/16" thick self cleaning robax glass.
  • Brass plated coil handles.

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